The tradition Should be Practiced.

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Religious salutation or “salam” is to reach out to touch each other. But the force behind the hand to pull back and then to the chest as a way of expression. The greetings or greetings from visitors’ hearts should be greeted with the word “Salam”.

Using your index finger to place things or people is not polite. In Malaysia, use the thumb on the right, point and hold the left palm.

Tourists or travelers entering religious sites Always take off your shoes. Some mosques or temples have robes and head coverings for women.

Alcohol is prohibited because of Islamic principles, which are respected. Of the majority of the population in Malaysia.

Those who have drugs or weapons in their possession. The death penalty is the only place. No reduction

Dressing tourists must dress appropriately. If you visit a mosque or temple For women should dress politely. Long skirt, knee cover Do not wear t-shirts, vests, shorts, slippers and shoes. Women’s trousers should not be worn over open clothing.

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